Primary education

Aaneen, Eindhoven: development continuous learning line + platform Visual Formation, in collaboration with Marian Bakens

Culture Station, Eindhoven: research and development continuous learning line Visual Education

Saltoschool Hanevoet, Eindhoven: initiator, creator, craftsman KunstKeten, 3rd Education Award

Secondary education

Eindhoven Vakcollege: Go VMBO, project development + curriculum Design

Augustinianum, Eindhoven: thematic project development art history teachers + range of workshops

Lorentz Casimir Lyceum, Eindhoven: development 3d design curriculum + range of workshops

Culture Station, Eindhoven: research and development continuous learning line Visual Education

Professional and adult education

Centrum voor de kunsten Eindhoven: CKE Academy development, coordination, teaching practice and theory in collaboration with Frank Malcorps.

Center for the Arts, Eindhoven:various visual art courses

Fontys Hogeschool Sociale Studies, Eindhoven: development art project, training Visual Education, lectures and workshops

Fontys PABO, Tilburg: research and lectures on Visual Education


Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven: workshops, guided tours, working group inclusion
DIKO, Fund for Culture Participation: preliminary research development continuous learning line + platform, in collaboration with Marian Bakens, Vera Bergman, Maria Hermanussen.
Foundation KunstLAB010.040, Rotterdam / Eindhoven: initiator, creator, visual education practitioner, in collaboration with Ferial Kheradpicheh.
FHK-ABV, Tilburg: publication Cahier 5 + debate art reflection + debate future art education
MVDZ_Educational architecture, Tilburg: Nomination Fontys Education Award
Cultuurbasis Eindhoven: Board
Academy of the Future, Tilburg / Arnhem: Denktank ABK / InterArt ism Soheila Najand




Sharing knowledge and skills in the field of visual arts and design, develops in a variety of educational programs.


For primary, secondary, vocational and adult education.


Please contact us about our method.