Primary education

Cultuur Station, Eindhoven: various design projects + visual workshops
Saltoschool Hanevoet, Eindhoven: range of graphic workshops “No Face” group 8
’t Schrijverke, Goirle: range of visual workshops
Mariaschool, Rotterdam: various series of workshops by professional artists in the classroom
International School Eindhoven: range of design workshops

Secondary education

Summacollege, Eindhoven: design project + workshop cycle
Culture station, Eindhoven: various design projects + visual workshops
International School Eindhoven: range of design workshop
Dutch Design Foundation, Eindhoven: development project, challenge Design for the fittist + various design workshops


RVKO conference, Rotterdam: various visual workshops
Jenaplan conference, Papendal: various visual workshops


MOTI, Breda: graphic workshops
Singeldingen, Rotterdam: various visual workshops
Dutch Design Foundation, Eindhoven: raphic workshops



Sharing knowledge and skills in the field of visual arts and design, develops in a variety of educational programs.


For primary, secondary, vocational and adult education.


Please contact us about our method.