social projects

vd Zandt studio’s
Exhibitors among others:
Bram Hermsen (Nl), Daniël Lagarde en Miranda van der Zandt (Nl),
Andrea de la Peña (Mx), Cindy Valdez (Peru, Germany) , Kuyckxmeers (B),
Damiaen Hogervorst en Mark Loopstra (Nl) Jessica Guy (Germany), Emily Whyman (UK),
Lagarde en Hoeve (Nl), Jeroen Wand (Nl), Nina van Bart (Nl), Frederike Top (Nl),
Alissa Rees, Eduard van Vliet en Louise Cohen (Nl), Simone Smelt (Nl)

AlleeAllee creative nomads
initiator en creator Trash Trip Expo en Experience ism Daniel Lagarde

Dredging Piles, Rotterdam participant
Procession, Rotterdam participant ism Ferial Kheradpicheh
Editfestival, Eindhoven participant ism Ferial Kheradpicheh
Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven participant
TAC, Eindhoven participant
Atelierroute, Eindhoven participant
DDW Window-shopping Route participant
BearFlat Open Studio’s, Bath (UK) participant
RE:FRAME, Amsterdam, participant ism Ann Toplis



We offer a space for talented and renowned designers and artists to show their work. In addition, we are also asked to show projects ourselves.


Please contact us about our method.